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Contents of Trailer

28ft obstacle course, portable powered speaker, portable video projector, gas griddle, gas cook stove, table & power generator.

Block Party Trailer Instructions and Information

Steps to Reserve SFBA Block Party Trailer
  1. Check Availablity Calendar

  2. Download and Complete BLT Usage Agreement 

Usage Agreement

3.  Return the completed Agreement with two checks (one for the usage fee plus a $100 deposit) to the SFBA office.          


Check no. 1 for the usage fee.   


Usage fee scale:

               Financially Contributing Church - $75

       Non-Financially Contributing Church - $150

Check no. 2 for the deposit.  ($100)

(deposit check will be returned if the equipment has been reloaded correctly, the Inflatable has been rolled up and stored in the trailer as instructions have specified, and all equipment has been inspected)

4.  Any donation over the usage fee would be greatly appreciated.

5.  Your reservation is not secured until all paperwork is received at the SFBA office.

Reservation and Availability Calenader

SFBA Block Party Trailer Set-up and Unloading Instructions.


Pick a location to stage the Obstacle Course. Make sure the ground is level and smooth.  Remove any large or sharp items that could damage the bottom of the OC. Be sure to stage in a location that is near electricity or a well-ventilated area for a generator.  

We have supplied several heavy-duty extension cords.  To keep from overloading a circuit keep the extension cord 100 ft. maximum.




All items will need to be removed to unload the Obstacle Course. (Obstacle Course is in the front of the trailer)


Remove all boxes and items from the trailer before you remove the obstacle course.


1. To remove the grill undo the ratchet strap

2. To remove obstacle course undo ratchet strap

3. Slowly tilt the dolly while pulling the rolled-up obstacle course back on the dolly.



Set-up of Obstacle Course:


A. Pick your location to stage your Obstacle Course.

B. Place the large WHITE Tarp on the ground 

 ( The tarp is 10x30 extend the extra 2 feet at the exit of the Obstacle Course)


Once in place undo straps and unroll the obstacle course.

(best to video as you unroll to serve as a reminder for repacking)


Connect the blower to the course and start the blower. 

Once inflated adjust the course to the desired location and then secure with stakes. (Provided in the gray tub). (Red Hammer provided)

Obstacle Course 28' Operating.png
Obstacle Course 28' Anchoring.png
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