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SFBA exists to assist, encourage, and resource churches to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the two Great Commandments  (Matthew 22:36-40).


  • Fellowship/Unity/Cooperation - The first thing you notice is there are three values linked together to become one. The reason these three values are placed together is because all three are interrelated. We highly value fellowship among ministers and churches. Out of our fellowship as the people of God we seek to be unified in direction and purpose. Thus our slogan is "many churches - one mission". We seek to cooperate in a unified direction and purpose to see the Kingdom of God advanced here and abroad. Our highest value is fellowship-unity-cooperation.


  • Kingdom Growth - We are concerned with seeing the Kingdom of God grow in our area and beyond.  Kingdom growth implies using Kingdom principles to see the lordship of Jesus Christ established in the lives of people and churches. We partner with churches to promote the growth of God’s Kingdom in our area and among the nations of the earth. 


  • Strategic Relevance - We seek to be deliberate and intentional in how we relate to churches and what it supports. SFBA assists, encourages, and resources churches to intentionally develop strategies that are relevant to 21st century challenges of fulfilling the Great Commission and the two Great Commandments.


  • Innovation - We value innovation in ministry. This does not mean that we will compromise scriptural truths and convictions but it does mean that we will seek to be creative in how we collaborate with churches. We encourage creativity.


  • Servanthood - We value the attitude of serving others. Because we are a “church-first” Association, we take a secondary role to support the God-given visions of churches. We choose to be a servant to churches.

  • Results Focused - We value intentionality in ministry that focuses on results. We examine the results of our own ministry, along with the funding requests we receive, against the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the two Great Commandments.  


SFBA functions according to a simple structure, using an Administrative Team and four priority teams. They include a Church Planting Team, a Church Strengthening Team, a Leader Development Team, and a S.T.A.R.S. Network Team.

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