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My Brother,


I am writing to give you the necessary information for our upcoming trip to train pastors and church leaders in Kampala, Uganda during November 7-17, 2018.  We will be taking two teams of teachers in order to train two groups of students in separate locations.  Each team will have two or three teachers, with each teacher having assigned material to teach at scheduled times.  The teaching will occur four full days, Monday – Thursday (Nov 12-15), 9 AM to 5 PM, and half a day on Friday (Nov 16), 9 AM to 12 PM. We are estimating 200+ students to register for the fourth module, Church History.

Teaching Material

We will be using the nine modules laid out in “Hearts, Heads, and Hands”by M. David Sills.  You will need a hard copy of this book and possibly the Kindle version as well. You can obtain a hard copy from or from our office if you do not have one already.  The Kindle version would be helpful for copying and pasting the material into a Word document as you prepare a teaching notebook. 

Travel and In-Country Expenses

Our team will fly from Houston on Wednesday, November 7, and arrive in Kampala on Friday, Nov 9.  After some rest on Saturday, you will have the option of preaching or attending worship in a church on Sunday.  We begin our trip home on Friday afternoon, November 16, arriving in Houston on Saturday afternoon.  Therefore, you should only be away from your church for one Sunday.


We will stay at Marie’s Royale Hotel (, where they provide comfortable rooms and a good breakfast.  Lunch during teaching days will be with the students.  Our other meals will be at the hotel restaurant and at Café Javas (  These are the estimatedexpenses:



Out of


Houston to Kampala (Emirates through Dubai, current fare)



Kampala Hotel (7 nights @ 50/night)



Medical Insurance



Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport (2 nights @ 78/night)



Dinners at Kampala Hotel Restaurant (Sat-Thurs @ 15/night)



Tips for Waiters, Chef, Translators, Drivers



Total Paid through SFBA



Less:  SFBA Scholarship for Contributing Churches



Net Paid to SFBA after Scholarship (based on current fare)






Immunizations estimate (Yellow Fever required)



Malaria Preventative Medication



Uganda visa (online application, payment, and approval)



Other meals and tips (credit cards or Uganda shillings)



Total Out-of-Pocket Expenses



*Estimate if all immunizations are needed

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