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A Followup and Clarification to the #MeToo Article

It has come to my attention that in an article written earlier this week, I displayed a lack of sensitivity for those who have come forward claiming sexual abuse.  Although my focus was not to address the #MeToo Movement specifically, my use of the name in my title and my commentary following that gave the impression that I am less than sympathetic to those who have been abused and even defensive of their abusers.  Please allow me to set the record straight.  The dark deeds of many, even in ministry, are finally being brought into the light, as they should be.  Changes are in order, including the communication between churches and ministries identifying offenders through some type of registry.  Please know that I have no sympathy for such abusers and support the rights of the offended to come forward now and be believed. 

The purpose of my article was to call attention to the areas of discipline and restoration, according to the Bible, for non-criminal sin in the church, not for criminal acts that must be reported to authorities and not simply handled within the church.  Unfortunately, I did not make this sufficiently clear for my readers.  Please accept my apology for the confusion this has created.
Sam Waltman, Executive Director of Missions, San Felipe Baptist Association, Rosenberg, TX

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